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Meet Our Collaborative Partners - Dedicated Professionals Here to Provide a Helping Hand.

Jackie Tufford

Experienced Clairvoyant & Sound Healer

Experienced Clairvoyant & Sound Healer

Welcome to the world of healing vibrations and compassionate care, where we are proud to introduce our newest associate, Jackie Tufford.

Jackie is a gifted and experienced clairvoyant and a dedicated sound healer with a profound understanding of the chakra system.

Jackie helps create harmony between the mind, body, and spirit through the transformative power of sound and her expertise in the chakras, energies and the spiritual realms sets her apart.

When combined with her unique ability to tap into the spiritual realm, she assists clients in uncovering and reconciling issues such as past traumas, resentments, loss, and even unwanted supernatural activity. Her compassionate approach ensures a safe and nurturing space for each client, supporting them on their healing journey with empathy and understanding.

Jackie possesses an unmatched ability to guide clients toward profound awareness and transformative experiences which promote relaxation, stress reduction, and natural healing.

Whether you’re a seasoned seeker, or new to sound healing and spiritual guidance, Jackie will welcome you with open arms, offering personalized sessions to address individual needs and goals.

Take the first step towards enhanced well-being and book a transformative session with Jackie today!

In Office: Friday and Saturday Evenings Appointments

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Rick Klein

Licensed School Psychologist

Licensed School Psychologist

You know your child. They are bright, talented, and motivated. Yet, they complain about school, seem bored, and more recently, have been acting out and receiving negative reports from teachers at their school. You went to the library a week ago, and your child has already finished the books you brought back. But, your child struggles to finish the assignments given at school. The teachers just seem fed up and have suggested that you talk about these struggles with your child’s pediatrician. You may feel really helpless because you see your child struggling while knowing just how bright and driven they are. You feel that something is up, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. It doesn’t seem like other parents have the same struggles. You just don’t know what to do.

My name is Rick Klein, I am a Florida licensed school psychologist with over 10 years of hands-on experience performing diagnostic educational assessments and my goal is to help identify and understand your child’s strengths and challenges, and to help you advocate for your child. In my work, I’ve encountered so many children just like yours, who, without a deep and thorough assessment of abilities, would have floundered in their education. Because of my experience working in schools, I’ve seen in so many parents an urgency to know what is going on. While the school district will have an approach, I can help you navigate this efficiently. I can support not only your child, but their school team.

In many cases, teachers frequently struggle with kids who are bright, but are under-challenged. Schools are frequently understaffed and under-resourced with the end result being a school psychologist who pressed for time and who cannot dig as deeply as you would want, or as is truly needed. I know firsthand, the pressures of working in a busy school district. I am prepared to help you navigate the complexities of identifying and obtaining the appropriate academic and educational support.

You may also see your child excelling in their coursework, and ready to advance, faster than their classmates. The teachers remark about your child’s abilities and self-directedness. Yet the work they are being assigned does not match their abilities. With academic assessments, I can help put together recommendations for your child’s teacher, so they can be met, where they are with regard to work and rigor based on their cognitive and academic abilities.

In Office: Monday and Friday

If you are interested in speaking about my services, please contact me at or 561-203-9812